Last Christmas I volunteered to host the Christmas dinner and gift exchange and so on for myself and my five children and their significant others. The previous few years had been hosted by my oldest daughter and she was very pre-occupied with a vision quest that she was on and my youngest daughter was very busy with her work with the Province and her university studies. And my two oldest sons were working out of town. So it made sense for me to host this year. I was really looking forward to the day. I spent the days of preparation (cleaning, shopping and cooking) in a state of love and gratitude. I was so grateful to have this opportunity to do this for my family.

On Christmas morning, just before 8 am, I was busy in the kitchen and I could hear a ruckus outside. It sounded like the crows were having some kind of conference but louder than usual. It was driving my dogs crazy as well as my visiting son’s dog, Dre. So even though it was really cold outside, I decided I better get bundled up and go and see what was going on.

When I stepped outside my front door, all I could hear were crows and ravens. And all I could see was crows and ravens. Literally hundreds and hundreds of them. Everywhere I looked, on each telephone wire, each roof top, each fence post, literally everywhere were crows and ravens. Now I know that ‘something’ really is going on. So I asked Spirit to guide me to what I needed to see or what I needed to know.

I intuitively walked around to the back of my house and in my back lane. Still I am wondering what is going on. Then I took a few additional steps and was able to peer around my neighbour’s fence. What I saw on the ground stunned me! With her back toward me stood a huge female snowy white owl. I gasped and an obscenity escaped my mouth before I was even conscious of what I was doing or saying. As I reached into my pocket to grab my cell phone, she turned around to face me and then with one swoosh was airborne with every single one of the hundreds of crows and ravens following her. It was quite the sight to behold. I looked around to see if anyone else had witnessed her or was I the only one. I do believe my neighbour also got a peek at her (but have never confirmed this).
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Now I am standing there alone in the back lane trying to rationalize what I just saw. To see such a magnificent creature in the city during the day was odd enough. I felt as if I had just had a visit from Jesus Christ himself on this cold Christmas morning after spent several days in loving reflection for my family. As I stood there crying with the sheer gratitude and love for the owl, I asked Spirit “well now, what do I do”? Spirit said to go to the Blue Sky centre and smoke my pipe, which I did immediately.

The tears continued to fall during the drive over (about three minutes away) and during the ceremony. I wondered how I was going to pull myself together enough to continue with dinner preparations etc. for our family dinner. About an hour later I finally was able to compose myself enough to go home. I knew that I received the most amazing Christmas gift and knew that nothing would ever diminish that moment.

In the next few months, I would begin to realize how important and how special this white owl was going to become for me as a Spirit Guide.