Why do we have such a deep need to tell stories? Why do we as humans crave to tell our own story? Even if no one is actively ‘listening’, we are constantly writing our own biography. We don’t all live our lives the same way but we are all in a perpetual state of narration.

Our stories carry a lot of power. What we tell others shapes the way they feel about us, intentionally or not. What we tell ourselves shapes the way we see ourselves and the world around us. Again, intentionally or not. We can however, use this to our advantage. We can intentionally, tell ourselves we can do the task at hand. This helps us gain confidence.

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I think the need to tell our stories is fueled by the desire to connect with others. I think humans are an interesting dichotomy of wanting to be individual yet also wanting to belong.
~ Cynthia Nault
Telling your story helps others to see themselves in you. It helps them relate to how you feel. It also may provide insight on their own story. Perhaps illuminating an otherwise invisible silver lining. Your stories, both victories and defeats, may help another person understand a lesson they’ve been struggling with.

Welcome to Blue Sky Community Healing Centre’s blog. We hope that the stories written by our staff/volunteers will help explain the concept of Blue Sky. We invite you to rewrite your own story and recreate yourself.