During the Christmas holidays following the visit from the snowy white owl, Spirit was constantly urging me to go out into the world and do Spiritual workshops. Really? Similar to the battle that I had when I was told that I was a lodge keeper back in 2007, my ego kept wrestling with me saying “who would want to hear anything that I have to say?”. But Spirit insisted that it was not the ‘message’ that was important but rather that ‘sharing my passion’ was. Okay that I could live with. I am extremely passionate about animals. Learning about them, being with them, respecting them, caring for them, and honoring them. As well as the unity message that the wolf encourages me to share. So I started making plans to travel the world in 2015 setting up shamanic workshops and doing our traditional ceremonies wherever I went.

Even doing this exercise, I had to release fear-based teachings shared with me to not take my sacred items off Turtle Island (or what is more commonly known as North America). I had travelled to Maui and to Australia in the past based on these fear-based teachings and had not taken my sacred items. I felt naked without them and vowed to listen to myself next time. Each time that I do the work of the Creator, I always ask my sacred items who wants to come with me and will we all be safe.

My first shamanic workshop in 2015 was in Kihei Maui in February at a metaphysical bookstore: Awakening in Paradise. Back home at Blue Sky, while I was preparing to conduct this workshop, I thought I would do some research on the Hawaiian medicine wheel. Much to my surprise the animal honored in the northern direction was the white owl. That blew me away after having been visited by a snowy white owl on Christmas day (refer to Visit From Spirit on Christmas Day 2014 blog). There was definitely a continuity of the message from the white owl. I was running around Blue Sky lodge, showing everyone what I had discovered about the Hawaiian medicine wheel. My fellow lodge keeper and pipe carrier Scot Kyle responded very matter of factly, “well of course, you are the white owl from the north going down to Hawaii to share your teachings”. Amazing.

What was even more amazing was what happened during my shamanic workshop in Maui. The group of us had gone outside to do our smudging (as the smoke could potentially disturb the other businesses in the strip mall) and it was already dark. I had lit the sage and was passing the smudge bowl around and one of the participants had just asked me a question. I was responding to that question and directly in front of me one of the participants who is a ‘local’ made a very excited motion with her arms which would be difficult to explain in words but kind of like one of the arm motions that the fellows on the tarmac do when your plane is about ready to leave the airport and she yelled out ‘Pueo’ the word for owl in Hawaiian.

Men lowest price sildenafil do not want to talk about their sexual problems. She lay cialis cost canada on my lap and I caressed her hairs. One of cialis cheap generic the best methods to increase sexual desire in men. Life saving drugs has become expensive and it is buy levitra http://cute-n-tiny.com/cute-animals/kitten-in-dogs-bowl/ a natural stress buster. I wasn’t sure what had just happened but sensed that it was very exciting. I asked her what had just happened and she told me that an owl had just flown past my head behind me. Well there was my confirmation once again. There was my message from Spirit that despite all my fears and anxieties about what I was doing, the Spirits were happy with my decisions and what I was doing. I was so grateful. According to the Animal Spirit Guides book by Steven Farmer which is my favourite, the snowy white owl is indicating that this is a time when I will know in advance what is needed and be able to manifest it quickly. There are many other messages but that was the one that spoke to me at that time.

The kind of stuff that I do at my workshops is sharing our traditional Ojibwe ceremonies such as: smudging, pipe ceremony, preparation of offerings and sharing circle. I also share my passion for animal messengers and guides. Animals that are coming to you could be your Spirit guides, Totems, Clans or Power Animals. I teach how to recognize, acknowledge and honor the messages from these guides to uplift your spiritual journey.

I am in Palm Springs California right now following the spiritual guidance that I am receiving to ‘share’ my passion with the world. I am sitting at a beautiful inn nestled next to the mountains. My first visitor this morning was a roadrunner. Again according to the Animal Spirit Guides book by Steven Farmer, the message from the roadrunner it that this is a great time to make some plans and put them into action so that you can manifest whatever it is you want. That sounds really good to me.

Also while doing a little research on the male roadrunner, I learned that he presents a ‘food offering’ to the female roadrunner as an invitation for mating. Once again, the land was reminding me how important it is for us to make these ‘food offerings’ to the land, to the guides that we are working with, to our ancestors. During previous ceremonies, I had been shown ‘empty bowls’. The Spirits are looking to us to bring them offerings, bring them feast food, and bring them tobacco. They are depending on us. That was likely one of my biggest revelations in 2014. I always thought that I was depending on the Spirits for guidance and assistance, when in fact the Spirits are depending on me to get things done. We are all being urged to ‘pick up our bundles’ and get to work. That work is whatever you are passionate about. It could be painting, collecting elastic bands, healing others, being out in nature, and an infinity of other things. You are simply being asked to share your passion with others (in a small way or a big way). If we were all to focus on our passions, this would be a very different world.