It was an ordinary day in my life and I was heading out to nature to enjoy some solitude and connection to Spirit. I was walking at one of my favourite places to walk, Boulevard Lake which is a man-made lake within the urban setting of Thunder Bay, my home. I was born in what was called Port Arthur (before the two cities of Port Arthur and Fort William became one city called Thunder Bay) in July 1959. My parents moved to a remote hydro colony when I was still an infant and I did not move back to Thunder Bay until 1994 after having had my five children.

The spot that I was heading to on my walk this day on February 8 2005 is sort of off the beaten path at the corner of Arundel and Lyon Boulevard West. There is a bit of steep embankment and once you cross over that little hill, you are immersed in a beautiful forest. I did have a bit of mission that day, I was offering tobacco to Creator. I do not remember what my purpose was for the tobacco that day but I do recall how reverent the forest was in my presence.

I very carefully laid my tobacco down on a fallen tree that already had some moss covering it with my prayers. And I stood back from the offering to ‘see’ if my offering would be ‘accepted’ by Spirit. I am not sure what I was expecting but I do remembering waiting for a reaction from Spirit. In less than 30 seconds a squirrel came along and started blessing the tobacco. I was totally amazed that in fact I was able to witness that Spirit was accepting my offering of tobacco. This was such a blessing. Then to my surprise a small woodpecker, what I believe was a downy woodpecker, started ‘drumming’ on a tree very close to me. I instantly realized that something very special was about to happen because of the reverence I was feeling in the forest together with the magical drumming that was now happening.

Again, very quickly (this all happened within five minutes of me entering the protected area of the forest) two little beings ‘popped’ out of nowhere and were flying around me. They were able to fly like hummingbirds and were about the size of a small baseball. The top of them was a brilliant black color and the bottom was a brilliant white. They sort of reminded me of black capped chickadees because of their colors but these were not beings of this planet or dimension. It was as if they were covered in longer fur and I could not see any distinguishable features such as a face or wings. They were flying around me with a curious nature and I felt only love from these tiny beings. It reminded me of my request to Creator early in my journey to not bring me any ‘big’ messengers like a bear. I had requested that the Creator only bring me ‘small’ messengers and my request was honored until I was ready for the larger messengers.
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I continued to walk down the pathway wondering if these new friends would follow me. Indeed they did. It was like frolicking in a forest with faeries. It was a magical experience. I could sense that they were very curious about me and I wondered if this could be like my similar experiences with the black capped chickadees. If I held my hands out would they land on me? So if you can imagine this humble woman standing in very deep snow on this sunny winters day, holding her arms up to the Creator and welcoming these tiny beings. They did in fact land on my hands, one on each. In that moment, it was as if time stood still. I felt totally connected to the entire universe and experienced only love and joy from the Creator and all the unseen. If I could have, I would have melted into the snow beneath me and I could have been taken ‘home’ at that precise moment. I was one with all my relations.

Whenever I think back to that special moment in my life, I know that Creator let me have that experience so that I would know without a doubt about the very important beings that are all around us all the time. This experience would help shape who I am and provide me with the knowledge and wisdom that is necessary to do the work that I am doing. Quite simply, I provide space for all my relations to gather (hence the spiritual term lodge keeper) and I am a permission giver, think of it like your fairy godmother waving her magical wand and poof you are who you are truly meant to me. You become your true essence.

I have enjoyed sharing this amazing experience with you and I look forward to the day that I will sketch this experience and share in my book. My daughter Cynthia kindly provided me with the tools that I need in order to do this. I look forward to sharing other amazing experiences with you.