I am continuing to follow this message from Spirit to share my passion around the world and after having such a great experience in Maui, I came to Palm Springs, California.  This trip was coordinated and promoted by a very good friend and fellow light worker, Abbi O’Neill (www.therapyoflight.com). She is a healer of healers  and I have had the great pleasure of working with Abbi for just over three years now.  In that time, my life has transformed so much.  Abbi has been to Thunder Bay from Los Angeles, California three times now but this is my first trip to California.

When I arrived in Palm Springs on Thursday, April 30, 2015 it was pitch black so I could not see anything.  Abbi was not able to pick me up that night at the airport as she was teaching a class in the desert so I took a cab from the airport to the Ingleside Inn.  The inn was not very far away but when I am not driving, I have no sense of direction.  So when I got to the inn, it was so beautiful, like a Mexican hacienda style resort with a big fountain in the middle.  I had a mountain view room but again I could not see anything coming in that night.

When I peeked out the curtains the next morning, on Friday, May 1, 2015, to see where I was, I was amazed to see that I was at the foot of a mountain.  I had no sense of that when I had arrived the night before.  The first thing that gets my attention is this lone bird running along the road, that is about 14 to 16 inches tall and it sort of reminds me of a pileated woodpecker.  So I am asking myself what is that?  Spirit responds that it is a roadrunner.  Oh my goodness.  So sure enough I ran and got my bible which is the Animal Spirit Guides book by Steven Farmer and according to Steve, the message from the roadrunner is that this is a great time to make some plans and put them into action so that you can manifest whatever it is you want.  Well, you can imagine how excited I was to receive such a profound message.

I later discovered that not only had the roadrunner brought a message for me that day, but also for the individual that I did a ceremony for a couple of hours later.  I had an appointment with a woman for 12 pm and I was already receiving messages for her starting long before she arrived.  I started jotting down some of the message around 11 am and by the time she arrived, I already had about three pages of messages for her.  That was the first time anything like that had happened to me.

In preparation for my trip, Margaret, who is an honored Elder at Blue Sky and loved dearly by all those whose lives she touches, had passed along a gift for ‘someone’ and when I left Canada I was not sure exactly who it was for but it became apparent very quickly after meeting my first client.  It was a gift of a bear claw and some tobacco wrapped in a leather pouch.

We were outside, conducting her healing ceremony, and I had just lit up my sacred pipe and was saying some prayers, when I glanced around to see who was with us.  This is a common practice for me as I always receive messages and guidance from the animal guides.  That is when I spotted the guide, it was a bald eagle barely visible at the top of the mountain.  She could not see the eagle as it was just so far away.  That was when I knew Margaret was there with us in Spirit even though we could not connect by telephone.  I was very grateful for this confirmation and I am always grateful for the confirmation messages.  I always know that Spirit is present.  Following the session with my first client, this woman for whom the messages were pouring out of me, I gave her this gift from Margaret.  She was quite surprised to receive such a precious gift.  That was my Friday in Palm Springs.

On Saturday morning, we got ready for the first workshop that was happening in Palm Desert at the Angel and Nature Expressions, a metaphysical bookshop, starting at 10 am.  It was a little ways away from Palm Springs and I travelled with Emanuel Synder that morning, another gifted light worker that I had just met on my arrival to the desert. (Visit Emanuel’s facebook page). We arrived at the workshop setting and we were in a small meeting room in the back of the store and I started to prepare my sacred items and information.  And the people started to pour in.  There was thirteen people that came to my first session that morning.  That blew my mind.  Of course the success of the event was due to Abbi’s interventions as well as Fran’s promotion from the Angel and Nature Expressions.  The diversity of the group also amazed me, especially that the majority of the participants were of native descent, including the local Cahuilla people.  Some of these people had never voiced their native heritage before.  It was as if we had all just come home and we could definitely feel that energy around the circle.   There were at least four amazingly gifted shamans including one of Mexican heritage.  At Blue Sky, we are accustomed to feeling that power and energy of the circle but for some of the participants, this was their first time being part of such an energy exchange.  It was a coming home and in some cases it was also a ‘coming out’ for those that had never voiced their gifts before.  Once they realized that it was a safe place for them to allow their gifts to come through, it was like a vortex opened up.

The first day, I conducted Spiritual ceremonies and we also talked about the animal spirit guides.  We did do a smudging in the morning.  There was some amazing sharing and channeling being conducted as we went around this circle.  Participants or shamans in the making that may never have met each other before were sharing in-depth messages from Spirit to each other.  In addition, at least two Spirit names came through that day for people attending.  Even though people were not really sure what a Spirit name was, or they had not really heard about that before, those miracles still happened.

Things seems to be wrapping up for that day and I thought we were all done and then the lady of Mexican descent asked me if I was going to be smoking my pipe.  I was a little leery about smoking my pipe at this location, for fear of setting off the sprinkler system. If the sprinklers did go off, I could imagine the sprinklers going off in the whole building.  They assured me that it was the heat that would set off the sprinklers and not the smoke. I thought “well, if Spirit is urging me to smoke my pipe then it will be okay”.  I trusted in this message and reminder from Spirit and had someone put a fan on behind me and we opened the bathroom door and turned on the exhaust fan in there, to encourage the smoke to go to the exhaust system.  Everything was fine, we did not set off any alarms.

When I lit up my pipe, Spirit showed me a circle of Spirits that were in the room with us.  There were so many colors, so many Spirits.  I had never had an experience like that before and heard myself saying over and over again, it’s full in here.  All the participants were embracing their true essence and remembering things and really feeling the power of the circle.  This fostered an acknowledgement and acceptance of their individual shamanic gifts.

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Then, on Sunday morning, with a lot of the same participants, we did a medicine wheel teaching in the morning, at our next location, which was the Ingleside Inn that Abbi, Emanuel and I were staying at.  There was a very exciting revelation through Spirit about the universal medicine wheel.  For months during our ceremonies at Blue Sky, Spirit has been revealing the vortex coming down from divinity as well as the vortex coming up from Mother Earth so that it looks like an upside down triangle on top of a right side up triangle.  Then as we were tracing these two figures, it was evident that it was the number eight or the infinity symbol hence the universal medicine wheel.  The part in the middle at the point where the two triangles joined is the point that permits us as shamans to travel to different dimensions, a portal.  I also was shown by Spirit that this is also the horizon as they kept showing me a horizon.  That was our morning, including that, two more Spirit names were revealed.

Then for mid-afternoon, we had a pot luck feast and everyone contributed.  Some people had to go and some additional people came and some returned from the day before.  Then we started to prepare for the ceremony that would happen in the early evening.  At the Ingleside Inn where we were staying, Abbi had rented a room that had access to a picnic area and a lawn so that we could use the lawn area for our ceremony.  Two people brought drums, had never played their drums before but felt it was important to be present with the drums.  One drum was black, carried by a male shaman (Emanuel) and one drum was white, carried by a female shaman (Maria, of Mexican descent).  We started the ceremony on this lawn area, as we were arranged in a circle and I asked them to start drumming.  I knew that the drums would help us to enter into our shamanic journeys and it became apparent to me really fast that Spirit also wanted us to get up and dance and move around to get the energy moving.  Each one of us felt a calling to do something individual to carry the energy and we all followed those callings and we each had our own experience but again you could feel the power of the circle.  As well, there was an additional two names that came through in the afternoon for a total of six names for the entire weekend out of about fifteen or sixteen people which is really remarkable.

Abbi was sending the light out to the land close to the freeway which was miles away and the mountain.  Abbi said that the land was really thirsty and really wanted that energy being sent to it.  I recognized that which Abbi was doing as being the same as what we as tribal people do to feast the land, giving it gifts of food, tobacco and other offerings to the Spirits and to the land.  In essence, we are giving energy back to the land.  It is an exchange of energy between ourselves and the land.  The same important exchange of energy that needs to happen between all Spirits.

Then we took a short break, in preparation of doing our offerings to the desert beings, out on the desert, as this last ceremony was quite intense and some people quite literally were on their backs on the grass.  The sun was starting to go down and because we were in the shadow of the mountain, it would be very dark very fast.  So we made our preparations and made our way over as a group to the desert area at the foot of this mountain which was literally just across the road from the inn we were at.  This area we walked into was very dry with some little bushes sticking up and some large rocks with a gravelly sort of sand.  The mountain behind us was at our west and the full moon was coming up in the east.  We planned to do our ceremony at the time of the full moon so that we were celebrating the full moon which is always a good time to release beliefs and habits that are no longer serving us.

We formed a circle out on the desert with all of our offerings and sacred items in the middle.  All the participants brought their own offerings guided by their hearts and suggestions that I had made.  When it was dark, we were standing in the desert under the light of this beautiful perfectly formed full moon and we were praying to the ants not to bite us.  There were ant hills all around us and we prayed to Spirit to ask the ants to leave us alone while we did this ceremony.  While I smoked my pipe, people made their prayers and intentions and then took their offerings out to different locations.

Then we conducted a co-creation circle which includes stating our gratitude, then stating our intentions while we are holding hands in the circle.  After each person stated their intentions, we asked the group if they are in alignment with us.  We all stated that “yes, we are in alignment with you”.  Then we stated “and so be it and so it is”.  And then on to the next person until all have stated their gratitude and intentions.  The last part of this ceremony was to use toning altogether, bringing our hands from our sides and then to reach to the heavens as high as we can and with one breath, doing this toning i.e. saying “ohm”.

The very last gesture was a double hugging circle which I learned to do from our area.  The one person starts the hugging completely around the circle being followed by each subsequent person next to them.  By the end of the exercise, you will have hugged everyone twice.  In all the years I have done this hugging circle, it never goes fast because of course this is everyone’s chance to say their farewells to the others.  Perhaps this is the first time you have met someone, perhaps you knew them before, but this circle brings you all much closer together and you know you are with your Spirit family.

Then on Monday, Abbi drove me to the mountains with Emanuel and I got to experience the mountain, to which it is understood that Tahquitz was banished.  Tahquitz reminds me of our Sleeping Giant or Nanibijou.  The origin of Tahquitz has many different versions, of course, as told by the local Cahuilla people.  I was blessed that I had one such descendant at my workshop and we heard it straight from Su.  At the foot of this mountain, I had my wolf pelt hanging from a tree close by and we conducted another pipe ceremony and provided light to the land.  This time when I smoked my pipe, I was shown an eye.  I understood it to be the third eye of Tahquitz, as well as my third eye, as we are all one.  I offered tobacco to a cedar tree at the foot of the Tahquitz Mountain and I did take a small piece of this cedar tree and brought it back with me and placed it on our drum when I got back to Blue Sky.

I was blessed with hearing an owl sing four times when I did the tobacco offering at the cedar tree.  Again, this was a confirmation of the work that I was doing and that we were doing together.  When I receive these confirmations, this is what recharges my batteries.  I am eternally grateful to all that assisted me with these workshops and ceremonies.