I don’t remember being aware of the concept of life purpose until I went through my breakthrough in early 2004. Since then I have come to appreciate the importance of identifying and honouring one’s life purpose. My belief is that we all need to focus on what we are passionate about in order to be in balance holistically i.e. spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically. If we ignore any part of ourselves including our passion, or our life purpose, that could invite other issues into our lives. This could translate into social issues, medical issues, financial issues, emotional issues and so on.

When one comes to a point in their lives when the universe observes that we are not paying attention, it could decide to pull the rug out from under us, such as a medical emergency, thereby leaving us no choice but to take stalk of our lives and reassess where we are at and where we are going. Perhaps you have observed a family member or close friend that has experienced some serious trauma in their lives that may now pay more attention to their inner messages and their life passions. Or perhaps you know someone that has gone through a mid-life crisis also arriving at a destination of self-discovery.

I have many opportunities in my position as Lodgekeeper of this teaching lodge to discuss with individuals about life purpose and life passions. This is unfamiliar territory for most people and is a catalyst for thought provoking questions and hopefully their own process of self-discovery. I get a lot of blank stares when I ask about their life purpose or what they are passionate about. I describe that perhaps music really drives them, or art, or travelling, or learning, and so on.

I have learned that it is much easier on us and on our remembering process of recognizing how magnificent we are, when we listen to the whispers of our soul. These messages could come through thoughts inserted into our brains, the conversation of an animal, a song on the radio, an email message, the mentioning of a name (more than once), an object that we find on the sidewalk and so on. If we do not heed the whispers, the messages can become louder and louder until the dam breaks and we are facing a life altering situation. I have had many of these life altering situations throughout this lifetime but the most memorable so far was the breakthrough of 2004.

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If you have not already figured it out, I have discovered that my life purpose is that of holding space for others to share, learn, heal and transition forward. I am so grateful to know that my life purpose is that of Lodgekeeper and I honor and respect that role each and every day. And I am very grateful to be grateful. In addition, my passions are many but the one in my focus right now is that of writing. How fortunate am I to have an opportunity to share my innermost thoughts and visions through the written word?

Having made these discoveries through my spiritual and emotional awakening have brought such joy and fulfilment to my life. I always know which way my life compass is pointed and now I get to share these messages and experiences with as many people as are interested.

I have been on a quest to publish my first book and this week my publisher was presented to me by spirit on a silver platter. It was up to me to trust that message and run with it. And run I did. My first book is called Walking with Grey Wolf and I believe it will be published and printed before the winter of 2016. I am so excited and so grateful. This excitement helps me to steer away from fear and propels me to focus on my joy. Hence the beginning of this article, wherein I shared, if one is focusing on their passion, their life purpose, their vision, then the challenges in their lives, tend to fade away.