As with all internal or Spiritual guidance, it always comes to us at a perfect time in our lives – divine timing. The book Boundaries & Protection by Pixie Lighthorse is no exception. My first-born daughter Cynthia recently gave me a copy of this inspiring book. This will serve as my reflections to the first chapter ‘Start with Sacred’. The chapter asked me some very important questions. “Am I treating myself and others as sacred? How about their treatment of me? What does sacred treatment look like?”

These are some very big questions. Asking me my definition of ‘sacred’ is like asking an Indigenous person what ‘culture’ means to them. It is like asking ‘what does life mean to you’? I suppose the easiest explanations of sacred to me would be: Spiritual, special, honour, respectful, rituals, ceremonies, life giving, listening to self, love, infinite, universal, family bonds, all my relations, tender loving care and many others (but I think you get the idea).

I have been listening to myself since early 2004 and following my internal guidance. These prompts from Spirit have led me on an amazing journey. The metaphysical experiences that I have been having since that time have been captured in my book which is being published in July entitled ‘Walking with Grey Wolf’. I learned that I was a lodgekeeper and learned who my guides are and learned what my purpose in this lifetime is. As a result of that purpose, I often will ask people ‘do you know how magnificent you are’? We are Spirits having a human experience and we forget about our magnificence.

I believe in my heart and Spirit that I do treat myself and others as sacred. However, I cannot say the same for the treatment of me. Hence the need to read this book. So much lateral violence from individuals and other organizations i.e. ridiculing me for following my internal guidance, telling me that I am not native enough to do these ceremonies, threatening me to come and take down my lodges, asking me who gives me the authority to do what I am doing, vandalizing my property, etc. The lateral violence usually comes from self-proclaimed professionals or Elders. I am providing mitigation techniques through our ‘One Tribe Indigenous Worldview and Diversity Coaching’ for individuals and organizations, looking to improve their lateral violence situations. Sacred treatment to me in very simple terms is ‘Live and Let Live’ which is an Alcoholics Anonymous slogan that I remember from attending Alateen. You don’t have to believe in the same things that I believe in, but you do need to respect me for my beliefs and vice versa.
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Divine timing indeed ~

Boundaries & Protection