WaterSpeak is a 3-day celebration and prayer for water and the feminine.

Please see bottom of page for link to registration form. If you need assistance in filling out the form, our communications person, Cynthia is happy to help in whatever way is needed.

Spirit is providing more guidance about this spring gathering for feminine energy (men carry feminine energy too). The four guardians have made themselves known and people will be coming from far and wide to come and share their wisdom of the water (including a message from Mexico!). Address will be provided to you upon registration. Approximately half hour out of the city.

The Spirit of water has been sending us all messages and pleas for help for years. It is time for us to step up to the challenge to assist the Spirit of water and honour her during these ceremonies. The healing is in the work and there will be much work in preparation of the WaterSpeak Gathering. There will be a teaching lodge and a sweat lodge constructed on the land, using the materials of the land, for the WaterSpeak ceremonies the week before. If you are available to help, we will be building the teaching lodge and sweat lodge on Sunday, May 27 and Monday, May 28. We are looking for willing volunteers.

As part of the old and new ways, everyone will commit to a job before, during and after the ceremonies. This commitment is not to be taken lightly. This is a serious commitment. Everyone will be responsible to bring water in reusable water containers; bring food for themselves and others (Feasts!); and, bring offerings for the water and the Elders.

You can travel back and forth each day or camping spots are available. Bring your own camping supplies. A porta-potty will be available and a water station for drinking and washing will be set up using the water brought by everyone. Each individual will receive as much as they are contributing.

Possible activities:
• Evening fires
• Doing sweat lodges (need canvas tarps!)
• Socializing
• Feasts
• Teachings
• Sharing (everyone’s experiences are valuable and bring wisdom)
• Water ceremonies
• Full moon ceremony
• Fasting

List of volunteer jobs for people attending:
• Gathering grandfathers for sweat lodge
• Gathering firewood
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• Water station
• Building sweat lodge and teaching lodge (May 27 and May 28)
• Preparing feasts
• Porta potty monitoring
• Wood chopping
• Clean up
• Supervision of fasting
• Providing support to other participants

There will be an information sheet and poster available very soon! Mark your calendars! ♥

This event is supported by Blue Sky’s Empowering Elders to Empower Youth Program which is funded by New Horizons for Seniors Program.

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Download form.

Step 1) Return completed Registration Form to Cynthia Nault to receive links to
2) Volunteer Task Sign Up Sheet, 3) Feast Contribution Sign Up Sheet & Carpool Info Upon completion of steps 2 & 3, you’ll get the schedule with address / map.

Return Completed Forms to Cynthia by email or Fax (807) 939-2750 or in the mailbox at Blue Sky.