In the spring of 2012, I remember discussing with the universe the workload that I had as the lodge keeper of Grey Wolf Traditional Teaching Lodge. I was tired and very overwhelmed with the responsibility and I was bargaining with the universe that I should not have to ‘physically’ put up the teaching lodges anymore. After all, hadn’t I paid my dues? Wasn’t I getting too old to be doing all that heavy lifting? I could provide guidance to younger, more able-bodied people to erect the teaching lodge. Building a lodge is a lot of physical labour.

Then a few months later in mid-September, I was preparing to travel to ‘Beyond the Giant Nature Retreats’ in Pass Lake (approximately 45 km out of Thunder Bay) to meet up with Bruce and Brenda Wing and their son-in-law Robert Stewart to make arrangements for the upcoming gatherings and visits with the Shaman Juan Salazar from the Peruvian Amazon and the global doctors through the Northern Ontario School of Medicine Rendez-Vous.

It was an ordinary sunny day and my daughter and a neighbor were making preparations to travel out to Pass Lake to start this new adventure for the Grey Wolf lodge. I did not see the small stone that I tripped on as I made my way around the rear of my truck loading gear and as I started to fall, everything went in slow motion. I watched as my body started to go down. My knees hit the pavement first and then my upper torso started to land on the pavement and the final trauma was to my right wrist that landed on the cement curb instantly fracturing my wrist! My daughter said she watched the whole thing in slow motion and was horrified that it might be my face that was going to hit the cement curb. I ignored my family and friends urgings to go to the emergency at the hospital and still continued on with my day ensuring that I offered the asemaa (tobacco) to the Creator for the gatherings the construction of the teaching lodge. But I did cut our visit short and then go to the hospital to have my wrist cared for. I am not sure at what point I realized what I had done but I believe that within the next few days I realized with regret that I had in fact manifested this wrist break. Not intentionally of course but I did say to the Creator that I should not have to do any of the physical lifting anymore, well guess what? I was not able to do any of the physical lifting for this lodge. I was only able to provide instructions and guidance. I had totally manifested my request or wish to the universe! Please be careful of your thoughts and desires as things are being manifested very quickly now. As of today’s date (August 23 2015), it is happening instantaneously in most situations.

The following instructions were provided to those volunteers that desired to come and help build the lodges that fall in 2012 (both the teaching lodge and a sweat lodge): bring whatever you would normally bring to go camping, i.e. portable chair, blankets, flashlight, etc. Bring enough pot luck style food for the whole day (into the evening) and whatever you would be drinking throughout the day. Ladies should bring long skirts and gardening gloves if they are helping with the work. Tobacco and any gifts for requests should also be brought.

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Then on Friday afternoon, October 12, 2012 Grey Wolf was elated to host approximately fifty global delegates out at the same teaching lodge in Pass Lake. More than 800 delegates from 37 countries congregated in Thunder Bay for Rendez-Vous 2012, a mega conference hosted by the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. We gifted the world delegates with amethyst which is plentiful to our area and which we had mined ourselves. The majority of the delegates were doctors or educators of doctors and were extremely interested in the traditional medicines. It was such an honour to host these prestigious culturally diverse guests in our lodge which promotes unity.

Then on my way home that evening I saw a fox. Do you remember a previous message from my guides in December 2006? Refreshing your memory, I saw her (referring to a grey wolf) just past the border before heading up Mount Josephine over the Christmas holidays on our way to South Padre Island Texas to see my mom and her husband. The wolf was magnificent. She was standing on the left side of the highway and she was pointing me towards Texas. Her tail was up, her head was up and she was standing there so proudly. If you remember, that was at the beginning of this amazing journey with Grey Wolf. Now here at this moment in the fall of 2012, this fox was on the right hand side of the road, pointing in towards the bush, with his head down, his tail down and it was dusk. I instantly knew that that this circle in my life was now complete. I knew that it was no longer going to be a struggle for me to be the lodge keeper. Those struggles were now behind me. Seven years of struggles were over. From now on, I would only accept the ultimate, the best of what I desired and manifested. I would no longer settle for anything less. We would have a permanent location for the lodge. The property for the on-the-land operations would come. The cedar lodge that I envisioned would become a reality. Somehow I just knew these things. In a way, I was a little bit sad but very much also looking forward.

I don’t mind it when circles close because it always means that a new circle is going to open, similar to the expression when one door closes, a window opens.