In July of 2010, one of our Board of Directors of Grey Wolf Traditional Teaching Lodge, Leo Isabid, founded our first Sharing Circle guided by Elder Louis Brizard. We were given an eagle feather to use for the Sharing Circle as well as the colors. We have since dressed the feather (beading the stem of the eagle feather) in the colors that were designated.

For the last three years we have welcomed individuals of all backgrounds and ages to Cindy’s home for the purposes of Sharing Circle. Every time you gather in a circle, this is a sacred ceremony and is very healing for those that need healing. The rest of us are there for support and inspiration. The Creator takes care of everything. Now that we have space, the Sharing Circle is held at Blue Sky.

Our Process

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When all the sharing is complete, we close the circle with a closing prayer. Then we have a time to socialize with refreshments and healthy snacks.