Sharing Circle

cedarThe Sharing Circle is a sacred ceremony that involves the use of a sacred eagle feather which is passed to each person of the circle. When it is your turn, you have the option to speak directly to the Creator. You could make special prayer requests, thank the Creator for blessings or simply share matters that could be heavy on your heart. Everything that is said in the circle stays in the circle and all matters are kept confidential. This permits each individual to ‘release’ these prayers and is very freeing. The Sharing Circle meets every Wednesday and starts at 7:00pm.

Cultural Awareness Workshops

Waabi-ma’iingan (Grey Wolf) Traditional Teaching Lodge offers Cultural Awareness training workshops. ‘Introduction to the Aboriginal Community’ includes an overview of how to improve business relations with Northern Ontario Aboriginal communities as well as deliver more informed services to your Northern Ontario Aboriginal clients. This presentation contains brief history, governance, spirituality, on-the-ground community situations, how important respect is and other valuable tools to assist you to conduct your business with the Aboriginal community.


Grey Wolf can provide referrals to Elders, healers or other organizations, depending on the needs of the individual(s).