Scot Kyle

Scot Kyle

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at Blue Sky

  • The Innerverse – Week of January 12
  • A Foundation of Mindfulness – Week of January 19
  • Pillars of Support – Week of January 26
  • Tools of Awareness – Week of February 2
  • Engagement – Week of February 9
  • Community – Week of February 16
  • The Paradigm Shift – Week of February 23
  • World Religions – Week of March 2
  • Conversations with God – Week of March 9
  • Steps to Knowledge – Week of March 16

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The ‘Inward Journey’ focused ‘New Way’ program at Blue Sky Community Healing Centre is alternative adult education with a spiritual thrust. Small learning groups gather to explore the difference between religion and spirituality. Participants will be guided through a series awareness-building talks designed not only to inspire new direction in one’s life, but also to uncover hidden energy. We learn how it is possible to begin the Inward Journey.

Scot Kyle has been conducting Wisdom Circles and delivering spiritually inspiring talks around Thunder Bay for a period of nigh-on 15 years. Learning occurs thorough the four modalities of: listening, speaking, reading and writing. We’ll answer together the questions: How is wisdom collective? and Where is it in the individual? All curious and respectful learners are welcome. And yes, it’s fun!

Consider taking a ‘Blue Sky Holiday’ with Scot Kyle. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday programs run from 10 am to 3 pm with one hour lunch break (guests responsible for own lunches). Pre-registration is encouraged. Certificates are available for professional development purposes. Fees are based on a sliding scale. These sessions are being offered at the centre, but if you’re not able to join us in person, you’re more than welcome to participate by connecting with us live online (using a convenient platform).

To register, contact Cindy Crowe.

This program sponsored in part by the Anglican Church of Canada.