Waabi-ma'iingan (Grey Wolf) Traditional Teaching Lodge QuiltThe Lodge had a special project with PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise to promote and champion the Aboriginal Cultural Centre initiative forward. This partnership was funded through the Cultural Strategic Investment Fund of the Ministry of Culture and supported 14 hours per week for 52 weeks which ran from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011. In that short period of time between April to December 2010, we were able to touch the lives of 1,662 adults and 651 youth for a total of 2,313 people from all walks of life!

To this day, a very beautiful and very meaningful quilt is still hanging in the PARO office acknowledging the huge partnership with PARO and the lodge. The only time the quilt is removed is during ceremonies when it then hangs in the Teaching Lodge. This quilt was created as a result of a ceremony conducted in Shoal Lake. During the ceremony the spirits provided guidance about the very important guidance of the two spirits that govern the lodge (refer to About page).

Activities in the Community

The Lodge also supports a variety of other activities: working with incarcerated youth (in both an open detention setting as well as a secure setting); high school students; two neighbourhood programs; we host a Sharing Circle every Wednesday; we work with three sweat lodges in our area; we host two ceremonies/feasts each year to honour the changing of the seasons (Spring and Fall); we bring in Traditional teachers and healers for individuals to access; we support the National Aboriginal Day Thunder Bay Committee; and we work with local professionals to promote healing and wellbeing.

We welcome your participation!
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First Nation Links

Lake Helen First Nation (Red Rock Indian Band)
Fort William First Nation

Other Important Links

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PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise
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City of Thunder Bay