I started seeing her about ten years ago. She appeared to me three times before I understood what the significance of the sightings was. I saw her on the short regional road between Highway 129 just past Chapleau on my way to the Sultan logging road. She was on the left side of the road, I was driving alone, it was a snowy day and she watched me go by. Later I would realize that she was confirming that I was on the right path (this type of messaging will come up in future blogs). The next time I saw her was on the corner of Junot and John Street in Thunder Bay and again I was driving alone. It was at night and I saw her in my rear view mirror. When I tried to look back to catch a glimpse of her, she was gone. Then the final time I saw her was just past the border before heading up Mount Josephine. I was a passenger in my brother’s vehicle and my brother was driving me to South Padre Island Texas to see our mother and her husband on December 24 2006. This was during the Christmas holidays. She was magnificent. She was standing on the left side of the highway and she was pointing me towards Texas. Her tail was up, her head was up and she was standing there so proudly. It is difficult to express in words what I felt at that moment but somehow I knew she was about to change my life and I was open to it. That would be the last time I would see her for many years.

A couple of days later while on the Gulf of Mexico I received this vision on December 29 2006.

I was standing in my kitchen, facing the back door. To the left of me was my kitchen counter under the window, next to the stove. To the right of me was my kitchen table. Behind me, was the entrance to the living area.

Makwa (translated from Ojibwe means bear) was standing directly in front of me, facing me. He was up to my chest while on all fours, so we were leg to paw, paw to leg. He was a huge black bear! What was amazing to me was ~ I was not afraid of Makwa, despite his massive size. We stood there talking and I understood everything that he said ~ and vice versa. He followed me around the house and I remember thinking ‘Makwa is so well behaved. He listens to everything that I say’.

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After having this inspiring dream, it was extremely important to me to obtain a proper interpretation of this vision (dream). I knew somehow that my life depended on this interpretation. This blog will share with the readers how I came to meet an influential Spiritual Guide in my life.

That vision was the beginning of my journey and the beginning of that circle. The beginning of learning about the teaching lodge, about learning about how to be a lodge keeper, learning about ceremonies. I also had some hard lessons and there was a lot of hard work building the lodges, taking them down. There were some spiritual mentors who took advantage of me.

That dream has led me on this amazing journey that I am on now. The bear and the wolf have never left my side and reassure me whenever I am feeling apprehensive. They appear at each and every ceremony that I participate in and are a constant reminder of the power and the reverence of the Creator and the Spiritual realm of our lives! You may perceive this dream to be a relatively simple, short dream however, it has been the most pivotal event of my life and I am writing this blog to HONOUR that dream!