Cindy Crowe is a band member of the Lake Helen First Nation, Robinson-Superior Treaty Area, located an hour east of Thunder Bay. Her business Cindy Crowe Consulting (2004 to present) represents an award-winning Indigenous consulting firm with its headquarters based in Neebing, Ontario. Cindy specializes in community liaison, engagement and development. She continues to work with Federal, Provincial and Municipal government agencies and Indigenous communities across Ontario. More than 30 years of experience have provided her with great opportunities to gain knowledge of the sector efficiencies and inefficiencies.

Cindy has an intimate knowledge and experience with Provincial Territorial Organizations, most First Nations in Ontario (from at least five provincial contracts) and an excellent overall understanding of their unique priorities and sensitivities. She carries a particularly comprehensive understanding and experience with Anishnaabe cultures and values as they are her own. Cindy has demonstrated management and facilitation experience between Indigenous communities, industry and government with recognized skills to initiate dialogues while working within limited timeframes. Empowering, inspiring and motivating dialogues are important to her.

Cindy has been providing cross-cultural professional development training throughout her career and her passion continues to be promoting the teachings of ‘All My Relations’ and of the medicine wheel. In 2005, she founded the charity Blue Sky Community Healing Centre. By utilizing the principles of Indigenous worldviews, Blue Sky encourages understanding and respect for all individuals. The teaching process involves an open dialogue in an interactive learning environment that promotes mutual respect for all people. This type of training is multi-layered and comprehensive. The topics that are discussed during the training sessions can be considered highly sensitive and complex. Cindy’s approach presenting the topics in a factual and non-judgmental manner assist the participants to experience a safe environment to discuss these topics with ease and allow a sense of curiosity from the participants.

Cindy has strong verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to provide analysis, identify issues, suggest and implement solutions and manage conflict. She is a published author of “Walking with Grey Wolf”. Cindy is also a mother of five adult children and three grandchildren. She enjoys travelling around the world learning how similar we all are.

Living by the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers, Melissa Roberts strives to lead by example. A retired  educator of 31 years, Melissa’s passion for working with people from all walks of life is apparent by her enthusiasm and energetic approach to the process of breaking down the barriers of misconception and misunderstanding and creating safe spaces for discussion and inclusion.

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After 18 years of teaching a multitude of subjects in the regular classroom, Melissa was asked to teach in various alternative educational programs,including three years working in a maximum security faculty for young offenders. In the final two years of her career, Melissa created and facilitated a unique program for Anishinaabeg students who were experiencing difficulty transitioning into high school. The program focussed on experiential learning activities that were tied to Anishinaabeg culture including,but not limited to, harvesting medicines, traditional brain tanning of hides and the exploration of various traditional art forms. As a result of some of the work done, the Thunder Bay Art Gallery hosted a gallery showing of student art work-never done before for a single class. The program drew the attention of the Globe and Mail newspaper which ran a full page feature that outlined the successes, challenges and importance of programs such as these. Students of the program were also recipients of the AYARA Award as Aboriginal youth who made a difference in their community by promoting the importance of being stewards for the environment.

Melissa is a medicine carrier, knowledge keeper,drum carrier and singer and she can be found dancing in the powwow circle with her bear, who was gifted to her through ceremony.

Cynthia Nault is a two-spirit Anishnaabekwe, Wolverine Clan, from Lake Helen First Nation (Red Rock). Cynthia lives in Thunder Bay, where she studied Multimedia Production at Confederation College and Painting as a Spiritual Practice with Angela Gollat.

As a Multimedia Artist, Cynthia uses different mediums to encourage a vision being brought into reality, with her primary medium being fluid acrylic paint. Her signature style features dream-like qualities and brings together her traditional spirituality and her fascination with the natural world.